Why is predator power not sufficient?


When we are talking about large predators, they can be large in size or weight. Also prey size, or impact on the ecosystem, can be a criterion. Our choice for these ten species is determined by the great urgency which must be taken to preserve them.


The leopard is a prudent, persistent and clever animal, which thanks to its versatility, better than any other big cat is able to live in proximity to humans. Leopards are ...


The cheetah is narrow, with strikingly long legs. A pure sprinter of open terrain and light woodland. Originally he found this of central India to the Mediterranean and throughout Africa. In addition, the central Sahara and the tropical forests avoiding. Today driven from many of its ...


The otter is a member of the weasel family with a specialized lifestyle that is closely related to the presence of water. He is lithe, playful and from the various otters species, it has the largest distribution range which extends as a wide band ...


Caracals have a reputation as jumpers, where they strike birds to several feet high from the air. Although they are mostly nocturnal and mammals make more than half of its diet throughout its distribution area. Although the plume of stiff bristles on the ears, immediately evokes an association with lynx, they are more closely related to the African golden cat or the serval, while they are sometimes called desert lynx.


The serval is a medium sized, but certainly not an average cat. Its proportions are very different from others and his hunting technique too. The serval is a real specialist with better hunting results than average. Its distinctive ears help him with this, in conjunction with the strikingly long legs. For many rodents there is no chance to escape a hunting serval.

Honey Badger or Ratel

The honey badger is a member of the weasel family with a reputation as a honey lover. As a predator he feeds with many other things but let themselves by attention-getting behavior of a bird, the Greater Honeyguide (Indicator indicator) lure to go after the nests of wild bees. The honey badger breaks the nest open and eat the honey, after he's finished and leaves, the bird feeds on the larvae from the combs, the wax and ...

African wild dog

The African wild dog has a very striking appearance, both in appearance and the group size with which he travels around. He is considered the most efficient big hunter in Africa. Although he is less powerful than its rivals, which also operate in groups as lion and spotted hyena, their mutual cooperation is ...

Striped hyena

The striped hyena is among the relatively small family of hyenas (Hyaenidae) which members like the spotted hyena Crocuta crocuta, brown hyena Hyena Para brunnea and aardwolf Protelus cristata. The striped hyena is within this family in size an average.

Golden Wolf

Its giant distribution over the entire northern hemisphere allow it to inhabit a wide range of biotops, with temperatures of one hundred degrees different from -50 °C at the tundra to + 50 °C in deserts. The largest wolves inhabit northern Canada and weigh up to 78 kg, six times more than the smallest wich weigh 13 kg from the deserts of the Middle East. And as recent DNA research indicates, also in North Africa.