Can't we miss predators?

What we did?

Since the foundation started in December 2012, activities started and contacts are made. This has already resulted in several visits. Orientation visits prior as well as directly after the establishment of the Foundation, in 2011 (Marocco) and in 2013 (Algeria) in April a one-week visit to the National Park Tlemcin to train staff and interested students from the University of Tlemcin in possibilities and techniques of carnivore research. Besides lecturing several field visits were held where knowledge was exchanged constantly. The use of equipment demonstrated and results discussed. In February, a workshop was held in collaboration with Marwell Wildlife in southern Tunisia in faunal monitoring techniques. Applying wildlife cams, tracking, life-trapping, etc. In June 2014 a second working visit of a week was brought to Algeria. To deepen cooperation with the National Park Tlemcin and the University of Tlemcin. This resulted in the start of a PhD at the jackal, guided in cooperation with the NABCS. Parallel to the research in Algeria, a Tunesian student started also a PhD research on jackal, guided and supported by NABCS. Nabcs has also entered into a formal collaboration with the University of Tlemcin and ANN(Agence Nationale pour la Conservation de la Nature)


Distribute our training offer to other universities and national parks, both in Algeria and Tunisia. Start an action plan for the Barbary leopard, the most endangered predator and to North African limited subspecies of the leopard. Setting up a database where all the information is made available and kept up-to-date


When you feel the need to conserve such species and want to support our work can of course financially.
A donation increases the scope to carry out our work.

Our ambitions, besides inspiring and motivating:

  • Inciting necessary scientific research
  • Data collection and building a database
  • Organize education and training programs
  • Advise on measures to be taken
  • Providing financial support
  • Education and training
  • Preparation of action plans